Description Realization

Porto Empedocle (AG)

Headquarters of a new institution, the building was entirely designed and built to house the pharmacy in the area in front of the Santissima Trinità church in the Ciuccafa district, near the roundabout. With its  modern and captivating style, equipped with a large parking lot, the pharmacy has become in a few months the reference point for a highly populated neighborhood and for anyone  who finds themselves passing along the SS 115 route.  The geometry of the building, together with the particular cross-shaped display case (patented by our designers)  and the large LED sign that runs along the entire front, make it highly recognizable even from a distance. The rooms behind the counter and the chest of drawers are intended for a fully equipped galenic laboratory for preparations, and for an aesthetic room where it is possible to carry out small treatments and make-up trials. Also present, also on the back of the counter, are the office area and the stockroom.

In the sales room there is an ethical counter of almost 3 meters with a sinuous and wavy shape enriched on the bag stand, by an elegant and ultra-wear resistant eco-leather covering.

On the right of the (automated) entrance  a corner has been created reserved for measuring pressure made with a curved wooden wall with the dual function of dividing element and display wall. Every inch of exposure is precious!!!!

The perimeter display walls with elegant adjustable LED-lit glass shelves are the perfect frame for displaying the various product categories. The double-sided display gondola, in wood and glass, becomes the primary hub of geo-marketing paths. A highly technological  pharmacy, equipped with the latest generation of lighting and air conditioning systems, both on the roof, designed and calibrated to make your stay inside the premises particularly comfortable. The synthesis of the union between design and high  technology is the central lighting body which encloses an air conditioning system and which changes color giving life to a  different setting at various times of the day.